Who is InSync Northwest?

Rich Wold, President
Consultant and Trainer

Organizations of all sizes recognize the need to differentiate themselves from their competition and remain profitable. InSync Northwest’s experience in the private and public sectors of business has revealed the root cause of many organizations’ toughest challenges.  They are one or more of the following:

  • A business culture that has evolved rather than purposely created.
  • A leadership team with under-developed skills to create and sustain a environment of accountability, creativity, and trust.
  • A hiring and selection process void of identifying critical character behaviors that is at least as important as the needed skills, abilities, and knowledge.
  • The ongoing expertise of Human Resource Professionals.

InSync Northwest works with Leaders to overcome these challenges through a process of identifying the root cause(s), and applying practical learning solutions to address those root cause(s).

Founded in 1998, the success of our learning and development methods can be credited to:

  • Comprehensive needs assessments,
  • Identification and implementation of learning solutions focused on practical and ready-to-implement tools.
  • The recognition of the necessity of requiring and emphasizing character qualities in all aspects of the work environment.

Many small to mid-size businesses cannot afford to hire a full-time professional in Human Resources. InSync Northwest fills that gap by providing comprehensive Human Resource and Organizational Development solutions including:

  • Meaningful job descriptions
  • Policies and procedures,
  • Oregon and Federal labor law expertise,
  • Coaching leaders in problem solving and conflict resolution, and
  • Developing of in-house personnel to increase their expertise in these areas.
Jo Wold,
Consultant, Trainer & Relationship Marketing Specialist

In 2009 we realized the necessity of an efficient and inexpensive system to expand the brand of our business to:

  • Retain our existing customers/clients
  • Keep in contact with prospective customers/clients
  • Reflect our concern for all we come in contact with – and not just gaining their business
  • To celebrate others’ important dates and accomplishments

We implemented a unique system that accomplishes that AND includes features of personalized handwriting, signature, and uploading of photos.

After using it extensively, we recognized the application of this in all relationship-based businesses.

If your company’s business is driven by referrals, this is the system for you.