Services We Offer

Organizational Needs Assessment
Gap analysis to determine:

  • Readiness for Change Management
  • Learning and Development opportunities
  • Effectiveness of current business culture
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Human Resource needs
Achieve targeted Business Results; Avoid spending unnecessary dollars
Character-based Business Culture

  • Creating a Mission, Vision, Values anchored on character and use as benchmarks in decision making
  • Communicating & Linking the Mission, Vision, Values
  • Requiring and Emphasizing Character
Establish Excellence, not Mediocrity, as the achievable goal.
Developing Character-based Leaders
Interpersonal Interaction using DiSC® behavioral styles

  • Identifying self and others’ behavioral styles
  • Learn benefits and barriers of each behavioral style
  • Problem Solving / Resolving Conflict
  • Building Teams
  • Practical Application
Launch Excellence into Action
Hiring and Selection

  • Identify critical desired character behaviors specific to each position
  • Identify critical skills, abilities, and knowledge.
  • Create probing interview questions, while respecting all Oregon and
  • Federal Labor Laws
  • Interpreting candidates’ responses / Process in selecting the right person
  • Onboarding
Hire the right person…. the first time! Reduce turnover. Build desired workforce.
Performance Management

  • Setting expectations – including critical character behaviors
  • Creating metrics / Monitoring performance / Coaching to success
  • Character-based correction
  • Meaningful Year-end Performance Reviews
Align performance with expectations
Human Resource Management

  • Job Descriptions
  • Policies, Procedures, and Employee Handbooks
  • Labor Law
  • Problem Solving
  • Developing in-house Human Resource Competencies
Build an Infrastructure supporting Excellence
Relationship Marketing System
Expanding your Brand by:

  • Keeping ‘top-of- mind’ with customers/clients and prospects
  • Celebrating others’ important dates & accomplishments
  • Giving to Give
  • Differentiating YOUR business from other businesses.

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  • Increase Referrals
  • Increase Sales / Bottom Line
  • Brands your company as one that cares about the person and not just their business.
  • Grow Relationships!